GMABooster 2.1a for Windows 10


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GMABooster is a free tool developed by Russian programmers, which improves the performance of games and applications in devices based on Intel chipsets. It is currently the only application that improves the performance of mobile graphics chip series GMA 950 and GMA 900 According to the manufacturer, the application GMABooster makes integrated graphics is twice faster than the factory settings. It offers increased computing power (2.4 x), and also allows you to manually tune the accelerator core clock on the graphics card. GMABooster the software necessary for every user laptops equipped with mobile Intel graphics cards. The program not only increases the liquidity in games, but also improves the operating systems with Aero Glass mode enabled. It supports the following chipsets: Intel 945 GM / GME / GMS / GSE (GMA 950) and Intel 915 GM/GME/910GML/GMS (GMA 900). It supports the following devices: Asus EEE PC family, MSI Wind family, Dell, HP, LG, Samsung.